The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class


If you're ready to take the journey to wealth and personal fulfillment, here's your ticket. In this life-changing audio book, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Keith Cameron Smith tells you how to think like a millionaire and reap the benefits of a millionaire mindset.

The key to moving beyond the middle class and up the economic ladder is mastering ten vital principles, including:

  • Millionaires think long-term. The middle class thinks short-term. Create a clear vision of the life you desire, and focus on it.
  • Millionaires talk about ideas. The middle class talks about things and other people. Ask some positive "what if" questions every day, and bounce ideas off successful people who will be honest with you.
  • Millionaires work for profits. The middle class works for wages. Take calculated risks and learn to take advantage of good opportunities.


We all want to improve our financial position. In this inspirational and practical guide filled with savvy and sensible advice, Smith upgrades you from coach to first class. So if you follow these principles, you can transform your life, and realize your dreams

"Everyone can be a millionaire. You just need to know the 10 Distinctions. Learn, use, and study these great distinctions and become a millionaire." 
   - Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of The One Minute Millionaire and Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Filled with wisdom and knowledge that leads to freedom and abundance." 
   - Nido R. Qubein, author of Stairway to Success 

Leadership Challenge


The Leadership Challenge has become one of the best-selling leadership books of all time. Now, with the publication of the fourth edition of their landmark book and for the first time on Audio, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner celebrate twenty-five years of leadership excellence.

The Leadership Challenge-the most trusted source on becoming a better leader-has been thoroughly updated and revised for a new generation of leaders living and working in a global environment. Building on the knowledge base of the previous books, this fourth edition is grounded in research and presents extensive interviews with a diverse group of leaders at all levels in a wide variety of organizations from around the world. The authors emphasize that the fundamentals of leadership are not a fad. While the context of leadership has changed dramatically, the content of leadership has endured the test of time.

With scores of new case studies and a timeless and inspiring message, The Leadership Challenge is a "personal coach in a book", guiding listeners through the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. When leaders understand that leadership is a relationship and they begin to engage in the Five Practices- Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart-they are better able to embark on a lifetime of success and significance.

"Leadership books are a dime a dozen, and most don't last a week, let alone years. The Leadership Challenge has lasted because it is research-based, it is practical, and it has heart! Believe me; Jim and Barry have hard evidence for what we usually think of as a soft topic."
   - Tom Peters, management guru, founder, and chairman, Tom Peters Company, and author of In Search of Excellence

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Leaders at All Levels: Deepening Your Talent Pool to Solve the Succession Crisis


Corporate America's leading consultant explains how top companies solve the problem of leadership succession

A serious crisis looms in American management today. More and more CEOs are failing; there remains an acute shortage of capable replacements. The true dilemma in leadership is the stagnant state of corporate leadership development. Because companies fail to hone their unit managers' leadership abilities, they are never able to fill their succession pipelines. With unit managers stagnating, companies have difficulty executing at every level, compounding the crisis. Now, bestselling author Ram Charan shows how top companies approach leadership development as a core competency, recognizing that an adaptable leadership pool is a competitive advantage, and focusing their attention on bringing out the best in the leaders they have.

Charan reveals exactly what's wrong with corporate leadership development and tells how to make it right. He explains the concept of a leadership "gene pool" and shows how companies can discover just what "DNA" they need to succeed. He also details how to uncover the hidden leaders in a company, when and where to bring in fresh talent, how to coach, measure, and reward leadership, and much more.

For CEOs, directors, and anyone involved in leadership development, Leaders at All Levels will be an eye-opening guide on how to get succession right.

"Meet a wise man: Ram Charan's frenetic pace, fierce intelligence, and deep access have made him an unrivalled source of real world insights into what business does right -and all too often wrong." 
   - Fortune magazine

"Ram Charan's depth of experience and leadership in the area of business management is unrivaled." 
   - Ron Meyer, President and COO, Vivendi Universal Entertainment

"He has this rare ability to distill meaningful from meaningless and transfer it to others in a quiet way without destroying confidences." 
   - Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO General Electric

"What he does is hard to describe. But the most powerful CEOs love it enough to keep him on the road 24/7 and make him the most influential consultant alive." 
   - David Whitford, Editor at Large, FORTUNE Small Business

Love, Magic and Mudpies

During his many years working with thousands of patients and their families, Dr. Bernie Siegel became an expert on how to turn sometimes trying situations into opportunities for personal growth. In his new recording, this husband of more than 50 years, father of five children, and grandparent of eight, shares the gems garnered from his practice and his own family life to show listeners what he has learned about raising kids with love, wisdom, and humor.

How much time with you do your kids need?
How do you teach your children values?
When kids misbehave, how do you mix appropriate anger and discipline with love?
What are some ways to help children adjust to separation or divorce?
Should you get a family pet?

With a wealth of quotes, anecdotes, parenting tips, and his comforting, caring, down-to-earth tone, Dr. Siegel addresses the myriad questions that parents face as they strive to guide their kids to happy, healthy adulthood. Delivered with just the right dose of compassion, inspiration, and gentle humor, Love, Magic and Mudpies is an insightful and supportive guide on every aspect of parenting.

"Love, Magic and Mudpies is an extraordinary book. …. Dr. Siegel's very practical advice on how to raise conscious children and you will be participating in creating a better world." -- Deepak Chopra, MD, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents

Me Inc : How To Master the Business of Being YOU.

This proactive, practical guide is unlike any self-help book you've ever listened to. It's not about simple motivation or inspiration; that stuff only matters if you have a plan. Me, Inc. is designed to help you develop that plan and then execute it to perfection. It's not a generic, one-size-fits-all program, but a personalized system for improving your life and filling it with purpose, meaning, and contentment. Business consultant and executive coach Scott Ventrella shows you how to achieve unlimited success by incorporating the basic principles of good business into everyday living. Sharing the ten time-tested principles that guide most successful and enduring companies, he shows you how to apply them to your life and design your own custom "exceptional living plan"-much like a business plan-that will guide you on the road to an exceptional life.

What if you were the CEO of a mediocre company? Would you just sit back and let the business plod along on a road to nowhere? Of course not. Any competent CEO would get proactive and start developing and implementing a plan for success. Now think about your life. Isn't it just as important as any business? Over the course of twelve "milestones" and accompanying exercises, you'll learn what you want and why, create your custom exceptional living plan based on your ultimate goals, use that plan as an everyday guide to living, and learn how to maintain your momentum and stay on track. You'll take stock of your most important "clients", gather feedback on your actions, set goals and priorities, and implement plans for change and constant improvement. Rather than float through life, you'll take control, be your own boss, and steer You, Inc. into the black.

You only lead one life, so why lead an average one? Stop living by accident and start living on purpose. Embrace your role as CEO of your own life and live with enthusiasm, determination, purpose, and confidence. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, now is the time to take charge and be the boss.

"Ventrella takes the best practices of Fortune 500 companies and shows how you can apply them to another important venture-you! Your life deserves at least as much attention as your job does, so read this book and turn your time on Earth into a satisfying, meaningful enterprise."
   - Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

The Passion Test


A Simple, Powerful Tool to Start Living Your Dreams NOW!

You create the life you choose to live. There are no victims. Take the Passion Test and start moving your life in the direction of your dreams. Learn what will make you happy and what will make your life fulfilled, as you look forward to what comes next.

Chris and Janet Attwood wrap fascinating stories of the ups, downs, twists and turns of living passionately around fun and practical exercises which will have you living your own passionate life by the time you finish this audio program.

The Passion Test will help you discover those hidden parts of yourself you don't look at very often. It provides the simplest, clearest way to get started on knowing what you want - by getting clear on who you are.

The lessons are clear, the direction is laid out, all you have to do is put it in practice.

Book Yourself Solid : The Fastest , Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients


A one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide to building a successful service business from the ground up.

According to the Small Business Administration, ninety percent of service businesses will fail within the first five years. They fail not because they don't offer great services and products, but because the owners are uncomfortable with traditional marketing and sales. The result is a frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed business owner who does not know there is an entirely different, highly successful approach to marketing and sales available.

Now Michael Port shares his original proven system for getting more clients. Ninety-three percent of business owners who have used his seven core self-promotion strategies have experienced a thirty-four percent increase in their total number of clients and a forty-two percent increase in sales in the first year alone.

This practical, wildly inspirational guide will lift you up and give you the confidence you need to comfortably and authentically market yourself and your services, tap into an endless supply of quality referrals, and watch your business grow

"…Lead generation and conversion is the heart of any marketing enterprise, and Michael Port's ingenious and practical system is among the best I've seen."    - Michael E. Gerber, founder and Chairman, E-Myth Worldwide, author of The E-Myth Revisited

"…This is not a conceptual, theoretical look at how to succeed as a service professional. Instead, it's just what you need if you're stuck and you'd rather invest in your future (by doing the right kind of work) than complain about it later."    - Seth Godin, author of All Marketers Are Liars and Permission Marketing

"…Michael Port is the guy to call if you're tired of thinking small."    - Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation

"…. An excellent, inspiring, practical guide to outrageous success!"    - Joe Vitale, author of There's a Customer Born Every Minute

The Art of War for Women: Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work

"If ever there was a time in our history when women's leadership was essential, that time is now-and The Art of War for Women provides a blueprint for how women can step confidently into the leadership zone."
   - Dr. Lois Frankel, author of See Jane Lead and Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Forget everything you think you know about strength, strategy, and success. This brilliant adaptation of the ancient masterpiece The Art of War shows women how to use Sun Tzu's philosophy to win in every aspect of life.

Would you like to transform your weaknesses into strengths? Succeed at work without compromising your ethics? Integrate your style and personal philosophy into every action you take? If so, this audio book is for you. Chin-Ning Chu brings the eternal wisdom of philosopher-general Sun Tzu to women looking to gain a better understanding of who they are-and, more important, who they want to be.

In the West, when we think of war, we imagine battle, casualties, brutality. But Sun Tsu, who wrote The Art of War 2,500 years ago, was Chinese, and their view of war is not about fighting…it is about determining the most efficient way of gaining victory with the least amount of conflict. That's why his book is particularly appropriate for women, as most women are not comfortable with direct confrontation. Women are natural negotiators and problem solvers; most prefer win-win situations, rather than winner takes all.

Sun Tzu's book is about the application of strategies, and every strategy requires us to understand the people around us, our own strengths and weaknesses, our goals and our fears. We must integrate ourselves and our unique talents into the strategies we employ in order to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our goals and dreams.

The Art of War is the most influential book on strategy ever published, selling tens of millions of copies worldwide. Written by one of today's foremost authorities on Sun Tzu, The Art of War for Women is sure to become a classic in its own right.

"At a time when the ideal of a full, fulfilling work and home life seems more difficult than ever to achieve, Chu's primer on becoming 'an effective strategist and warrior' will give doubters cause for reconsideration."
   - Publishers Weekly

The Power of an Hour


Every day, we set out to create a better life, a better career, or a better business. We often fail because we fall into old patterns. But what if by devoting just one single, focused hour a week you could make big improvements in your professional life? And what if you knew in advance exactly what to focus on so that you could utterly destroy your old patterns?

The Power of an Hour gives you the blueprint for making these changes one at a time. Different from most books that are too focused on one particular aspect of life, this holistic guide offers practical, everyday actions you can use to supercharge your personal and business development.

Designed by a successful entrepreneur to work specifically within a busy executive's or business owner's schedule, this insightful, enlightening guide is broken down into two groups of lessons-those dedicated to personal issues and those dedicated to business issues. You'll learn about managing time, improving personal relationships, and creating and following a vision of future success.

Just as top athletes have coaches to help them focus on specific areas of their game, in this audio book , Dave Lakhani will help you focus on those issues that have the greatest impact on your success in life and business.

"Dave's methods helped me take my business form $0 to $10 million in sales. If you're a creative business owner who wants total focus and massive success, run, don't walk, and get this book!" 
   - Stephanie Frank, author, The Accidental Millionaire

"The Power of an Hour is a mighty powerful way to sort out your finances by first sorting out yourself!" 
   - Mark Joyner, #$1 bestselling author, The Irresistible Offer

Andrew Carnegie


Andrew Carnegie, whose lifetime spanned the era from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to the First World War was America's first modern titan. In this magnificent biography, celebrated historian David Nasaw brings to life this period of unprecedented transition-a time of self-made millionaires, scabs, strikes, and a new kind of philanthropy-through the fascinating rags-to-riches story of one of our most iconic business legends.

The Scottish-born son of a failed weaver and a mother who supported the family by binding shoes, Andrew Carnegie is the embodiment of the American dream. In his rise from a job as a bobbin boy in a cotton factory to being the richest man in the world, he was single-minded, relentless and a major player in some of the most violent and notorious labor strikes of the time. The prototype of today's billionaire, he was a visionary in the way he earned his money and in the way he gave it away.

Nasaw explains how Carnegie made his fortune and how he tried to pull the world back from a war he predicted. Brimming with new material, personal letters, diaries, prenuptial agreements, letters to and from presidents and prime ministers, Nasaw plumbs the core of this fascinating man, fixing him in his place as one of the most compelling, elusive and multifaceted personalities of the twentieth century.

"…brilliantly illuminates Carnegies's mad gathering of riches and then giving a great fortune away. Carnegie's children are certainly Bill Gates and Warren Buffet!" 
   - Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

"…the authoritative volume on Andrew Carnegie that we have long awaited." 
   - Ron Chernow

Play Money Or I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot


Play Money explores a remarkable new phenomenon that's just beginning to enter public consciousness: MMPORGs, or Massively MultiPlayer Online Role-Playing Games, in which hundreds of thousands of players operate fantasy characters in virtual environments the size of continents. With city-sized populations of nearly full-time players, these games generate their own cultures, governments, and social systems and, inevitably, their own economies, which spill over into the real world.

The desire for virtual goods-magic swords, enchanted breastplates, and special, hard-to-get elixirs-has spawned a cottage industry of "virtual loot farmers": people who play the games just to obtain fantasy goods that they can sell in the real world. The best loot farmers can make between six figures a year and six figures a month.

Play Money is an extended walk on the weird side: a vivid snapshot of a subculture whose denizens were once the stuff of mere sociological spectacle but now-with computer gaming poised to eclipse all other entertainments in dollar volume, and with the lines between play and work, virtual and real increasingly blurred-look more and more like the future.

The Key


Are you struggling with your job, health, finances, or personal relationships? Is there something you desperately want but can't seem to attain, no matter how hard you try? Are you frustrated that you can't seem to achieve your dreams? If you are tired of struggling and want the true secret of unlimited success, The Key will open a new world of possibilities for you.

The Key reveals the missing secret for attracting wealth, health, success, happiness, and anything else that you want from life. From author and self-help guru Joe Vitale, this deeply enlightening life guide builds on his bestselling audio book, The Attractor Factor, and goes beyond the mega-hit movie and book, The Secret, to reveal a powerful and effective way to get more from every aspect of your life.

If you know you can achieve more but can't seem to make it happen, The Key reveals the psychological and unconscious limitations that are holding you back. Inside every person are subconscious "counter-intentions" that can sabotage you and prevent you from getting what you truly want. The Key reveals ten proven ways to remedy this situation, aligning your conscious and subconscious beliefs and ending self-sabotage forever.

Vitale takes complex issues of psychology and makes them easy to understand and apply to your life. Combining real, practical life wisdom with the spiritual insight to truly understand yourself, Vitale gives you ten tools guaranteed to open new opportunities and possibilities in your life. Use these amazing strategies to unlock the secret doors in yourself and marvelous, magical things will happen in every aspect of your life. The Key to success lies inside this audio book-and inside yourself.

This is the missing secret to unlocking your full potential and attracting anything you want in life. Turn The Key-and take the first step to freedom and fulfillment.

The Three Tensions

Profitability or growth? Results today or tomorrow? More synergy or better stand-alone performance? Ask managers which they want and most will tell you both. But they will also tell you that more progress on one front usually comes with less progress on the other. It's like squeezing a balloon in one place only to find that it expands elsewhere.

Based on four decades of experience working with some of the world's best-known companies, Dodd and Favaro explore the three tensions every company faces and how to overcome them. They draw on groundbreaking research into the 20-year performance of more than 20 chairmen and CEOs of corporations such as Alcan, Barclays, BP, Cadbury Schweppes, Cardinal Health, Dow Jones, Gillette, Reuters, Roche, Textron, and Xerox.

The authors put forward a radical new way to assess company performance: batting average-a measure of how often competing objectives are achieved at the same time. They show how this matters more than any other single measure of operating performance, and explain how you can raise your batting average to unlock better performance.

50 Psychology Classics


A Thinking Person's Guide to Popular Psychology

We would all like to know the secrets of human nature - who we are, how we think, and what we do. In a journey that spans 50 books, hundreds of ideas, and over a century in time, 50 Psychology Classics explores important contemporary writings such as Gladwell's Blink and Seligman's Authentic Happiness as well as wisdom from key figures in psychology's development.


GAIN insights into the scientific research of leading contemporary psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists: Authentic Happiness · The Blank Slate · Emotional Blackmail · Feeling Good · The Female Brain · Frames of Mind · The Origins of Everyday Moods · The Paradox of Choice · Phantoms in the Brain · Stumbling on Happiness · Working with Emotional Intelligence

DISCOVER why we think and act the way we do through the landmark bestsellers of psychology: Blink · Difficult Conversations· Games People Play · The Gift of Fear · I'm OK - You're OK · Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion · Lateral Thinking · The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat · Passages · People Skills · The Psychology of Self-Esteem · The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

With insightful commentaries on each classic, biographical information on the authors, plus a guide to further key titles, 50 PSYCHOLOGY CLASSICS provides a unique overview of this fascinating subject.

"Butler-Bowdon writes with infectious enthusiasm…he is a true scholar of this type of literature."
USA Today

Tom Butler-Bowdon is a recognized expert in the 'literature of possibility'. His first book, 50 Self-Help Classics, won the Benjamin Franklin award and was a Foreword magazine Book of the Year. Tom's trilogy of personal development books, including 50 Success Classics and 50 Spiritual Classics, have been translated into 17 languages. A graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Sydney, he lives and works in both the UK and Australia. In addition to his writing, Tom leads seminars and runs his website

Buying Trances


Bestselling author and renowned marketer, Joe Vitale reveals the most powerful secret of effective persuasion the world has ever known!


Learn to:

  • Master a sales and marketing technique that works like magic
  • Turn reluctant skeptics into loyal customers by saying the right words at the right time
  • Control the way customers perceive you and your product


Combining the basics of marketing with cutting-edge concepts in mind control, Vitale shows how salespeople can put customers in a special mental state in which they are more suggestible and pliant. During this "buying trance" the salesperson can help frame and position the way the customer perceives the product, leading to more sales.

For daring salespeople who want to make the sale every time, these cutting-edge techniques in persuasion offer the key to incredible success..

"The genius of Joe Vitale has never shone brighter…Vitale gives you the keys to their minds. All you have to do is turn the keys. They said 'yes' to you long before you said a word and they were begging to buy from you shortly after you uttered your first sentence. Buying Trances is an exciting ride to the edge of the mind. His finest work to date."
   - Kevin Hogan, author of The Psychology of Persuasion and Covert Hypnosis

"This book maps marketing's final frontier-the customer's mind-and exposes the buying trance. Frankly, this may be the smartest marketing book ever written."
   - Dave Lakhani, coauthor of Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Wan

Breakthrough Thinking


A Step by Step Approach to Excellence! 
From boardrooms to locker rooms, classrooms to living rooms, Dr. Denis Waitley is the master in building self-leadership and excellence in teams and individuals. He has counseled Apollo Astronauts, Fortune 500 executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs, Superbowl champions, Olympic athletes, members of the U.S Armed Forces, and World Leaders.

One of the most sought after speakers and productivity consultants in the world today, Waitley inspires, informs, and entertains with cutting-edge content, ageless wisdom, and original, high-impact anecdotes.

Now is the time for you to realize your potential and win big in business. It's easy if you follow his life changing step-by-step approach to professional and personal excellence:

  • Riding the Wave of Change
  • Strategies for Success
  • Taking Your Innovation Inventory
  • Becoming Your Own Trend-Spotter
  • Putting Aside Prejudices
  • Working With Your Ideas
  • Using Your Intuition
  • Discerning Opportunities in Change
  • Taking Risks to Win
  • Teaming Up with Talent
  • Staying on the Crest


"Denis Waitley cares about you and wants you to win!" 
    - Ken Blanchard, Ph.D, co-author The One-Minute Manager

"Denis Waitley's motivation is more than money. His mission is to tell people they have more control over their destiny than they believe." 

High Impact Communication

There's a new breed of leaders whose great achievements seem almost predestined. These new leaders are communicators. They get ahead because they connect.

These men and women get their messages across effectively, powerfully, persuasively and memorably. They know that magnetism is just another word for confidence. And that charisma is something to be learned.

Using real-life examples of these "high impact" communicators in action, top expert Bert Decker gives you a step by step lesson in effective communication:

  • Breakthrough techniques for reaching a listener's First Brain….the part of the brain which decides if a speaker is believable or not
  • 4 Principles of visualization
  • 6 Voice-strengthening exercises
  • The function and importance of "grokking"
  • Why one can't let comfort be a guide
  • The vital function humor plays in the communications process
  • How to make eye contact, posture, and gestures work.
  • How to utilize the awesome power of video cybernetics


Build charisma, credibility and trust. The persuasive force of the New Communicators can be yours!

"The Decker Method is a must for anyone who truly wants to succeed."
    - Charles Schwab

"Bert Decker makes communicating come alive!"
    - Ken Blanchard, Ph.D., Co-Author, The One Minute Manager

"Bert Decker demonstrates how you can be real and still succeed."
    - Hon. Nancy Pelosi- U.S. Congresswoman

3D Negotiation: Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals

What You Do Away From The Bargaining Table Can Make - Or Break - Your Most Important Deals.

Stuck in a "win-win versus win-lose" mind-set, most negotiators focus on the face-to-face process at the table. In 3-D Negotiation, David Lax and James Sebenius urge bargainers to look beyond tactics at the table. Persuasive tactics are only the "first dimension" of the authors' pathbreaking approach, developed from their decades of doing deals and analyzing great dealmakers. Through moves in the "second dimension"-deal design-3-D Negotiators know how to unlock economic and noneconomic value by systematically envisioning and creatively structuring agreements.

But what really sets the 3-D approach apart, is its "third dimension": setup. Before showing up at a bargaining session, 3-D Negotiators "set the table" by arranging the most promising possible situation-laying the groundwork for adroit tactical interplay later. Acting away from the table, the bargainers ensure that the right parties have been approached in the right sequence, to deal with the right issues, engaging the right set of interests, at the right table, at the right time, under the right expectations, and facing the right no-deal options. This new arsenal of moves away from the table often exerts the greatest impact on the negotiated outcome.

Packed with practical steps and engaging examples, 3-D Negotiation enables you to reach remarkable agreements once you arrive at the table-deals that would be unattainable by standard tactics, no matter how skillful.

The Happiness Hypothesis


"For the reader who seeks to understand happiness, my advice is Begin with Haidt." 
   - MARTIN E. P. SELIGMAN, author of Authentic Happiness

This is a book about ten Great Ideas. Each chapter is an attempt to savor one idea that has been discovered by several of the world's civilizations-to question it in light of what we now know from scientific research, and to extract from it the lessons that still apply to our modern lives.

"Enjoyable, important, and eminently readable." 

"A wonderful and nuanced book that provides deep insight into some of the most important questions in life." 
   - DAVID M. BUSS, author of The Evolution of Desire

"A sparkling investigation into the psychology of life and happiness." 
   - DANIEL WEGNER, author of The Illusion of Conscious Will

"Every page of this book provides gems of insight about the good life and where to look for it." 
   - WILLIAM DAMON, author of The Moral Child

"Jonathan Haidt leaves no doubt about the importance of emotion in the creation of personal meaning. This is a delightful and courageous book." 
   - ANTONIO DAMASIO, author of Looking for Spinoza

The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do



Internationally revered cultural anthropologist and marketing expert Clotaire Rapaille reveals for the first time the techniques he has used to improve profitability and practices for dozens of Fortune 100 companies. His groundbreaking revelations shed light not just on business but on the way every human being acts and lives around the world.

Rapaille's breakthrough notion is that we acquire a silent system of Codes as we grow up within our culture. These Culture Codes invisibly shape how we behave in our personal lives, even when we are completely unaware of our motives. We can learn to crack these Codes and achieve new understanding of why we do the things we do. He has used the Culture Code to help Chrysler build the PT Cruiser-the most successful American car launch in recent memory, helped Procter & Gamble design its ad campaign for Folger's coffee, one of the longest-lasting and most successful campaigns in the annals of advertising., he's helped GE, AT&T, Boeing, Honda, Kellogg, and L'Oreal improve their bottom line at home and abroad. And now, in this fascinating audio book he uses it to reveal why Americans act distinctly like Americans and what makes us different from the world around us.

Understanding the Codes gives us unprecedented freedom over our lives. It lets us do business in dramatically new ways. And it finally explains why people around the world really are different and reveals the hidden clues to understanding us all.

"This book is just plain astonishing! Filled with profound insights and ideas that have enormous consequences for today's organizations. If you want to understand customers, constituencies, and crowds, this book is required reading." 
   - Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professsor of Business, University of Southern California and Author of On Becoming a Leader

Shaping the Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating


The bestselling author of The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels, which has become the business bible for accelerating leaders' transitions into new roles, now zeroes in on the most critical skill that transitioning leaders must master in order to create momentum and secure early wins. That skill? Negotiation.

In Shaping the Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating, Watkins draws from extensive research and practical consulting work to reveal four fundamental objectives that should guide new leaders in their negotiations with key constituencies inside and outside their organizations. This audio book provides potent guidelines for:

  • Creating maximum value in negotiation with critical stakeholders
  • Capturing a fair share of that value
  • Building relationships
  • Preserving one's reputation


Watkins also presents hands-on strategies that help any new leader become a world-class negotiator, including:

  • Matching one's negotiation strategy to the situation
  • Influencing key counterparts' viewpoints
  • Shaping the structure of negotiations in one's favor
  • Organizing to improve


Navigating the myriad high-stakes negotiating challenges that confront new leaders, Shaping the Game provides all the tools the listener needs to make the right moves as s/he climbs the career ladder-and to succeed in those roles once s/he gets there.

The Science of Getting Rich (WITH 2 Bonus)

This revolutionary primer on prosperity consciousness has been enriching millions since it was first published in 1910 and was in fact, the inspiration for The Secret.

The way to prosperity is no longer a mystery. You too can prosper from the "exact science" of achieving financial success as you learn to:

  • Change your life by changing your thoughts
  • Attract the prosperity you deserves
  • Appreciate the opportunities that await you
  • Live true to the values most precious to you
  • Manage stress and self-defeating impulses that hold you back
  • Make the contribution to the world that only you can make-and enjoy the abundance you'll receive in return



Plus this 2 Prosperity Bonus!!

Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin

The Way to Wealth, originally a preface to the 1758 edition of Franklin's beloved Poor Richard's Almanack, presents a brief fable of a local wise man, Father Abraham, quoting Poor Richard to an eager crowd. In this inspiring tale, Franklin steps out of the past and shares with you his famed maxims about wealth, knowledge, virtue and all other elements of business success.

As Michelle Singletary wrote in a column about The book, " At just 30 pages, this pocket- size book takes less than an hour to read but will give you a lifetime of financial wisdom- that is if you' re wise enough to follow the advice."

Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard

From a foreign correspondent and positive-thinking pioneer, this 1899 parable of wartime heroism imparts a powerful lesson on the benefits of taking initiative and responsibility in work and in life.

Life's Missing Instruction Manual


Bestselling author and marketing guru Joe Vitale offers insights and life lessons for achieving success.

In the simple, straightforward tone of an instructional manual, this audio book offers big wisdom and little-known secrets for living a better life. Packed with life lessons most listeners will wish they’d learned earlier, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual uses humor and anecdote to present practical steps listeners can use to take control of their lives, overcome any obstacle, and find fulfillment. Each simple lesson is explained and brought into focus with real-life examples and includes practical steps on putting those lessons to work every day. Full of uncommon wisdom and lighthearted humor, this book will help the listener develop confidence, create a plan for success, get ahead at work, build rapport with others, develop time-management skills, and find wealth and happiness.

Listeners will learn how to live life to the fullest when they discover how to:

  • Take chances that lead to success
  • Get through the tough times
  • Be themselves and like it
  • Find their purpose
  • Work as a team
  • Create their own blueprint for success
  • Believe in themselves
  • Lead a good and moral life
  • Accept their mistakes and move on
  • Define success for themselves

Optimal Thinking

Be your best in every situation!

Maximize your talents, resources, and time. Make the most of every opportunity and optimize your personal and professional satisfaction.

The successor to positive thinking, Optimal Thinking is the mental tool you need to achieve your ultimate life. This revolutionary, life-optimizing audio program shows you just how simple it is to sweep past the ordinary and even the extraordinary into the world of the highest and best. You will never settle for second best again!

You'll learn how to:

  • Ask the best questions and find the best solutions
  • Make the most constructive decisions in every situation
  • Maximize your enjoyment of everyday activities
  • Handle negative situations and interactions most effectively
  • Experience the full power of your mind
  • Function at your peak in business and personal relationships
  • Bring out the best in others, and much more!

This unique audio-CD program contains 4 CDs (approx. 4 hours) of superlative, universal, timeless information to optimize your personal life and career. 2 CD's have been excerpted from the first 9 days of the 100-day Optimal Thinking Audio-CD Program for Permanent Results 1 CD contains Optimal Questions to optimize your personal and business success 1 CD contains Optimal Affirmations to prepare you to optimize your personal and business success

Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

The simple way to achieve personal and business success!

Simpleo.logy is that cutting edge speed-learning psychology which governs success or failure in every endeavor. It provides the explanation for those who succeed in life…because consciously or unconsciously they have been following these 5 laws, and those who face failure have been breaking at least one of these laws on a regular basis.

Now you can and gain financial prosperity, discover a new level of focus on your goals, and truly unlock your potential by following these simple laws:

  • The Law of Straight Lines
  • The Law of Clear Vision
  • The Law of Focused Attention
  • The Law of Focused Energy
  • The Inevitability of Action/Reaction

Accomplish 3 times as much in 1/3 the time as you attain total mastery of Time, Energy, and Money!

"Shocking! Explosive! It's dynamite for your brain!" Dr. Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor"

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