The Multiplier Model: How Systems Can Create Exponential Business Growth

Create a business that runs itself.

Going from small business to successful start-up to scalable growth takes more than just good luck, it takes a system. Over the last 34 years franchising consultant and growth expert Mark Siebert has been sought out by more than 70,000 executives looking to expanding their company. Out of those 70,000, only 5,000 had the right systems in place to go from successful to scalable. 

What do these companies have in common? 


  1. They are good at what they do. Being good at the core of your business lets you continue to see a healthy return on your investment. 
  2. They have a system in place and a manual on hand. Their process is documented and routinely integrated into every aspect of their business, so if someone follows the system, the business can virtually run itself.

People Operations: Automate HR, Design a Great Employee Experience, and Unleash Your Workforce

People Operations: Automate HR, Design a Great Employee Experience, and Unleash Your Workforce explains how leaders at small- and medium-sized businesses can stop spending time on HR administration - "paperwork" - and start focusing on the "peoplework" that truly fuels employee growth and productivity. Authors Jay Fulcher, Kevin Marasco, and Tracy Cote provide listeners with a playbook for creating a massive competitive advantage by eliminating antiquated approaches to HR. The book takes a look at how work has changed and what companies need to do about it, and the new approach they must take to processes, systems, and best practices. You'll learn how to eliminate busywork and hassle, and how to use that newfound time and capital to empower your biggest asset: your people.

You'll receive the end-to-end guide to: digitizing legacy HR functions; using robots for the busywork you hate; employing software to design and improve your employee experience; assembling and empowering your "people team"; and utilizing the included plans and templates to guide each stage of your business transformation.

Perfect for managers, leaders, small business owners, and executives, People Operations is perfect for anyone who wants to optimize HR, maximize their workforce investment, support their employees, and modernize their business.

Extended Reality in Practice: Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Explored

Discover one of the biggest business trends of today

Extended reality (XR for short) - which encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality - is one of the biggest business trends of today. It refers to the use of technology to create more immersive digital experiences which are promising to transform many businesses and industries.

In this book, best-selling author, strategic business advisor, and respected futurist Bernard Marr explains the role of XR in providing innovative businesses solutions for companies of varying sizes and across different industries. He introduces the three main branches of extended reality - virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. You will discover how businesses and organizations are implementing the technology, with case examples, including some of the world's biggest brands, to showcase how they are starting to use XR in practice.

Extended Reality in Practice is a must-listen for anyone wanting to learn exciting and entirely new ways for people to experience the world around them - and for businesses, new ways to connect and engage with customers and improve business processes.

Talent, Strategy, Risk: How Investors and Boards Are Redefining TSR

A playbook for long-term value creation

Balancing the short term and the long term is a perennial struggle, but new developments put boards squarely at the center of this dilemma and in need of guidance. Much of the $14 trillion of assets that firms like Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street manage is now held in index funds, creating a huge class of permanent institutional investors. These so-called passive investors (unlike activist investors, passive investors don't have power to exit the fund) own almost 60 percent of the Fortune 500 - and they have found their voice. Perhaps best exemplified by BlackRock's Larry Fink, these investors are stating in no uncertain terms that simply managing for short-term shareholder profit is not acceptable.

In this agenda-setting book, three leaders who have been on the front lines of these changes with boards, management teams, and the investment community challenge leaders to rethink TSR (total shareholder return). Since TSR cannot keep the short and long term in balance, McNabb, Charan, and Carey argue that boards should focus on a different kind of TSR - talent, strategy, and risk - because decisions and actions around these factors, more than any others, determine whether or not a company creates long-term value.

The New Builders: Face to Face with the True Future of Business

The New Builders: Face to Face with the True Future of Business delivers a powerful argument for the empowerment and support of our female and BIPOC founders.

Today's entrepreneurs don't look like those of the past. They are increasingly Black, brown, female, and older than you might expect them to be. But they're not getting the support they need to succeed in rebuilding America, because our business culture has become so consumed with celebrating size above all else. In this book, the distinguished authors explore the indelible value of small business in America and the future of sustainable business.

In The New Builders, you'll learn: Who are the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs? What are they working on, and what drives them?; the real engine that drove Silicon Valley's entrepreneurs; the depth and extent to which entrepreneurs and small businesses are woven through our country's history and the ways we have forgotten women and people of color who owned small businesses in the past; how we're increasingly afraid to fail; the role small businesses are playing saving the wilderness, small towns, and redlined communities; what we can do to turn the decline in entrepreneurship around, especially by supporting the people who are courageously starting small companies today; and more.

Connected Planning: A Playbook for Agile Decision-Making (Wiley CIO)

Ron Dimon's thought-leading second edition of the book originally entitled Enterprise Performance Management Done Right, published in 2012, is a practical road map for using connected planning to develop an agile organization and to navigate the complex enterprise performance management landscape.

According to esteemed author, researcher, and management professor Dr. Christopher Neck, "In the same way that one needs to be self-leading to finish a grueling marathon, an organization must be self-leading in order to execute on its plans in an efficient and effective manner. What drives self-leadership at all levels in an organization? The people within the organization of course - and those people must be involved in the planning occurring in an organization. Without a plan, an organization has no direction."

Since 2012, much has changed in the world of connecting strategy with improved performance: new, cloud-based, in-memory technologies have been adopted by the largest organizations in the world. This book is for CFOs, CIOs, their direct reports, and any organizational visionary or aspiring leader who wants to "bring it all together" and create an actionable vision and plan for improving readiness, resilience, and performance.

Next Job, Best Job: A Headhunter's 11 Strategies to Get Hired Now

If you're struggling to find work in an uncertain job market, Next Job, Best Job by headhunter Rob Barnett delivers game-changing strategies to get you hired now.

Rob Barnett is an innovator, a two-time entrepreneur, and a senior executive with five decades inside legendary media companies. As an advisor to thousands of job seekers and company heads, he is uniquely positioned to disrupt the job search industry. His inclusive platform is a life-saving escape hatch during the darkest hours of unemployment and an expert guide to the work you deserve.

With humor, compassion, and a healthy dose of tough love, Barnett covers everything from the essentials of a modern job search to ageism, ghosting, navigating LinkedIn and Zoom, and mastering the voodoo of social media. Pivot from worrying to winning with inspired steps to: score perfect job interviews; negotiate like a pro and get to "yes"; rebrand yourself with a unique resume, digital profile, and killer cover letter; ignite focus and restore motivation; identify the best career path; define the right job title; get immediate replies and callbacks; master networking; banish self-defeating thoughts; embrace success; and pay it forward. New strategies replace ancient job-search rules that lead nowhere. Rise above every other candidate with an empowering, easy method that finally works.

Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky: How to Become the Person You Want to Be

From the best-selling author of Monday Morning Leadership, this "little book full of big learnings" provides wisdom and a practical framework to help you become your very best.

Imagine how it would feel to greet each day enthusiastic about your work and your life, with renewed energy and optimism, at peace with yourself and those around you. What would it take to get there, rather than just "getting by"?

In Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky, leadership authority David Cottrell tells the story of Jack Davis, a hard worker who had thrived early in his career but finds himself unmotivated, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled. He wants more for himself and his family - but he doesn't know how to get it. Through Jack's meetings with two successful mentors, Cottrell illustrates unique perspectives on achieving success and happiness that anyone can use to improve morale, productivity, and satisfaction at work and in life. 

This simple yet profound novelette provides practical tools and inspiration to help you on your own path to success. Enjoy the journey!

Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World

A growing number of women are eager to move beyond money basics to step into their true financial power. However, most personal finance books do not go far enough to provide the depth of information they need to become confident investors. In addition, these women want more from their money than financial return. They also want to know that their assets are having a positive impact on the world. 

This groundbreaking book educates listeners about personal finance and values-aligned investing. It demystifies financial lingo, explains investment strategies, and provides you with the knowledge you need to make informed ethical investment decisions across your entire portfolio. Starting with your cash and proceeding asset class by asset class, Activate Your Money provides the foundational support you need to take control of your money, grow your wealth, and put your assets to work supporting the things you care about.

With Activate Your Money, you can: recognize the power you have to change the world through your investment decisions; demystify financial lingo, learn investment strategies, and acquire tools to help you grow your wealth; explore values-aligned investment options and make informed decisions about where to put your money; and break the taboo on discussing money with family, friends, and advisors.

Collision Course: Carlos Ghosn and the Culture Wars That Upended an Auto Empire

In Japan, it's called the "Ghosn Shock" - the stunning arrest of Carlos Ghosn, the jet-setting CEO who saved Nissan and made it part of a global automotive empire. Even more shocking was his daring escape from Japan, packed into a box and put on a private jet to Lebanon after months spent in a Japanese detention center, subsisting on rice gruel.

How did it come to this, and why? This is the sprawling story of what led to the Ghosn Shock and what was left in its wake. The book chronicles Ghosn's two decades building a colossal partnership between Nissan and Renault. To the world it looked like a new model for a global business, but the alliance's shiny image fronted an unsteady, tense operation. Culture clashes, infighting among executives and engineers, dueling corporate traditions, and government maneuvering constantly threatened the venture.

Expertly reported, Collision Course explores the complex suspicions around what and who was really responsible for Ghosn's ouster. It explains how economics, history, national interests, legal traditions, and hubris converged on arguably the most important foreign businessman ever to set foot in Japan.

Corporations Compassion Culture: Leading Your Business Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The manner in which corporations are run globally is over. The author examines how corporations worldwide have failed when it comes to inclusion and gender equality and provides ideas on how businesses can address these issues. This book will discuss the following:

  • Identify behaviors to avoid, including dangerous activities pre-Covid-19 corporate America was already presenting to employees' well-being and productivity. Lack of inclusion, gender inequity, and overall lack of compassion were destroying workers' quality of service and robbing employees of purpose. Listeners learn how to dismantle practices that jeopardize corporations' very survival.
  • Learn and adopt approaches exhibiting the new, better corporate America that enriches employees and provides profits to businesses.
  • Create strategies for integrating inclusion, gender equity, and compassion into businesses in a way that enriches society, employees, and the corporate entities themselves.
  • Measure and continuously evolve culture promoting risk mitigation, reputation preservation, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and profit generation. Each concept discussed ties back into practicing and improving these elements.

Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success

Leading at a Distance provides executives with the necessary skills to successfully lead in the new virtual workplace, backed by the research and expertise of global leadership firm Spencer Stuart. Although working remotely is not new, the global pandemic has placed virtual work at the center of everyday life. And it has thrust workforce strategies to the core of business operations globally. As the shift toward large-scale virtual work continues to grow and become a permanent fixture, leaders must understand how to build virtual-work environments that foster connected, engaged, and high-performing teams. Although some forward-thinking companies and not-for-profit organizations have made significant investments in technology and virtual collaboration, many others have simply joined the "Zoom culture" without fully appreciating what it takes to operate effectively at a distance on a sustained basis.

Leading at a Distance is a timely, research-based, and highly practical guide for developing and implementing strategies for conducting high-impact virtual work, building trust, and enhancing team unity. Designed to help leaders shape organizational culture remotely, this must-have resource demonstrates how to conduct virtual onboarding for senior leaders, build top teams from a distance, manage accountability in the new virtual environment, and much more.

Mediation: Negotiation by Other Moves

In a world ridden by social divisions, responsible resolution of conflicts is more timely than ever. What happens when parties are unable to negotiate an agreement together? The next move is to invite a third party to reset the negotiations, facilitate the exchanges, rebuild a working relationship and empower the parties to explore the past, surface their present needs, invent, evaluate, and choose the best solutions for the future. 

Mediation: Negotiation by Other Moves brings decades of critical analysis and experience that the authors tested worldwide in international organizations, governments, NGOs, universities, and corporations. You will understand mediation better and its significance in your personal and professional life. You will be able to develop a flexible mindset and a broad outlook to achieve sustainable outcomes. This book will cover: models and principles from various domains of mediation - family, business and labor, public affairs, and international relations; a mediation framework to prepare for mediation and to run its process smoothly; a step-by-step approach to a mediation session, from the opening until a possible settlement, via the various phases of problem-solving; mediation traps and how to avoid them - for mediators and parties alike; and ethics of mediation and questions of responsibility.

Numb: How the Information Age Dulls Our Senses and How We Can Get Them Back

Discover how to manage this noisy world without it managing you.

In Numb, distinguished author Dr. Charles R. Chaffin delivers a fun and evidence-based exploration of how you can devote more attention on what you believe is important while ignoring the distractions that increasingly permeate your life. Using research from cognitive, education, positive, and clinical psychology, the book identifies the sources of noise and distraction in this information age and how we can manage it in all aspects of our lives.

You'll learn about: how experiences in technology, from social media to selfies to porn, impact our ability to engage and connect with others; the news we consume and the impact of confirmation bias, filter bubbles, and tribalism; how FOMO and choice overload impact our decision-making; and the power of our attention in all aspects of our daily lives.

Perfect for anyone interested in the expanding impact of the information age on our collective psyche, Numb helps empower you to use technology and information not as a destination, but as a tool toward authenticity and empowerment.

Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio (2nd Edition): A Navigation Guide for Building Wealth

Cognitive and emotional biases can wreak havoc with investor portfolios. Poor investment decision-making caused by behavioral errors, especially in times of high market volatility, leads to poor financial outcomes.

Whether you're mired in loss aversion, suffer from anchoring bias, or you're sorting your portfolio into various mental accounts, investor biases will prevent you from maximizing your wealth. But you can learn to challenge your own biases and prevent costly investment errors!

In Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio, veteran investor and advisor Michael M. Pompian delivers a thorough grounding in the most important investor biases you're likely to encounter when making crucial investment decisions. Perhaps the most critical insight, knowing the difference between emotional and cognitive biases, will help you understand what makes you tick as an investor. Full of case studies and quizzes, this book will help you identify and diagnose your own biases.

You'll learn to take control of your decision-making even when challenging markets can push fear or greed to uncomfortable levels. You'll also discover how to analyze your options, either alone or alongside your investment advisor, as well as how to make better investment decisions overall-and the benefits of backing up those decisions with hard data.

Fear Less, Sell More: Find Your Courage and Make Millions

A humorous and instructive book on overcoming your fears, increasing your confidence, and having more success in both sales and career satisfaction.

As an ADHD child with dyslexia, Tom Stern felt unable to live up to the great expectations set by his very successful grandfather and father; as a result, he suffered from extreme anxiety. Over time, he developed a methodology that increased his confidence and enabled him to achieve success in the entertainment industry, later founding an executive search firm that has sustained excellence for more than a quarter century. It is Tom's goal to help others achieve success in sales and realize their dreams by overcoming their fears as well.

Fear Less, Sell More uses a fictional story, humor, and a conversational approach to making friends with fear. Drawing from Tom's circuitous career, he shares his unique insights into the psychology behind selling that can bolster the success of any sales professional.

Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

Ari Schultz was an extraordinary baby, beginning life in a pitched battle against heart disease. The same year, his parents launched their business, and they had to keep it going strong. For the next five years, Erica and Mike Schultz learned how to balance the demands of their jobs, commuting to the hospital, and spending time with their growing family - along the way, noting the tricks and techniques that allowed them to get work done, even while living in the cardiac ICU and later through heartbreaking loss.

After reflection and recovery, Mike and Erica codified their method of coping and working, and set out to study the work habits of extremely productive people. They discovered what extremely productive people do things differently than everyone else, and went on to create The Productivity Code - a new approach to productivity that has helped tens of thousands of people manage their time for greatest effectiveness, fulfillment, and happiness. 

Now, Erica and Mike reveal the nine habits of extreme productivity along with easy-to-apply techniques, including: how to stay focused-and positive - even in difficult times; clearly defining your motivations through written goals and four-three-four planning; helpful hacks to stop procrastinating; how to disrupt unproductive thought cycles and break bad habits for good; and much more.

Talent Makers: How the Best Organizations Win Through Structured and Inclusive Hiring

Talent Makers: How the Best Organizations Win Through Structured and Inclusive Hiring is essential listening for every leader who knows that hiring is crucial to their organization and wants to compete for top talent, diversify their organization, and build winning teams. Daniel Chait and Jon Stross, cofounders of Greenhouse Software, Inc., provide listeners with a comprehensive and proven framework to improve hiring quickly, substantially, and measurably.  

Talent Makers will provide a step-by-step plan and actionable advice to help leaders assess their talent practice (or lack thereof) and transform hiring into a measurable competitive advantage. Listeners will understand and employ: a proven system and principles for hiring used by the world's best companies; hiring practices that remove bias and result in more diverse teams; an assessment of their hiring practice using the Hiring Maturity model; and measurement of employee lifetime value in quantifiable terms, and how to increase that value through hiring.  

The Talent Makers methodology is the result of the authors' experience and the ideas and stories from their community of more than 4,000 organizations. This is the book that CEOs, hiring managers, talent practitioners, and human resources leaders must have to transform their hiring and propel their organization to new heights.

Advice for Working Dads: HBR Working Parents Series

Gone are the days when fathers were expected to put work first and family last. Today, men worldwide are redefining fatherhood and finding greater fulfillment both at work and at home. But old ways die hard. Many managers prefer the status quo, and fathers aren't finding the support and flexibility they need from their employers. Dads still feel pressure to downplay or hide their involvement in their children's lives. And even as more men step up as parents, across every level of society the burdens of parenting and running a household still fall unfairly on women.

Fatherhood is one of the toughest jobs and the biggest responsibility you'll ever take on. Advice for Working Dads will teach you how to balance and integrate work and parenthood, how to navigate the common pitfalls at work, and how to find success when you're taking on twice as much - for the good of your family.

This volume will help you: navigate workplaces and bosses that want you to forget you're a parent; spend your time at work and at home more purposefully; make time for yourself, your friends, and your hobbies; set reasonable expectations and limits in the always-on work culture; communicate better with your spouse or partner about careers, parenting, and housework; get the paternal leave you and your family need; set your family up for success; and more.

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China CEO II: Voices of Experience from 25 Top Executives Leading MNCs in China

Straight from the China CEO: Advice on leading operations in the world's fastest-moving, highest stakes market. Twenty-five top executives leading high-profile multinational companies in China, as well as seasoned and respected China-based consultants, give their front-line advice on succeeding in this market.

In this book, CEOs and experts share their strategies for overcoming the most pressing issues faced by business leaders in China now, including: fierce competition from strong, globalized Chinese companies; working with the powerful, complex Chinese government; and successfully attracting the nation's wealthy but fickle and tech-savvy domestic consumers. Top executives and consultants divulge their secrets for keeping up with China's astoundingly broad and rapid digital transformation. They also discuss trends including localization of top positions in China, the rise of female top executives in the country, and the challenge of attracting the nation's highly international, purpose driven millennials.

China CEO II: Voices of Experience from 25 Top Executives Leading MNCs in China is an invaluable resource for any professionals seeking to work in or with China, or executives expanding their responsibilities in China, and those involved in international business, finance, or executive programs.

Communicate Better with Everyone: HBR Working Parents Series

Talk to your toddler, your teen, your caregiver, your boss, your partner, yourself

There are days in every working parent's life when it feels like you're screaming into the wind. The days when you have to ask your childless boss if you can leave work early - again - for a kid issue. The days your kid tearfully asks why you have to get on an airplane for work when you just got home. The days you simmer with resentment because you can't find the right words to have a productive conversation with your partner about the division of labor at home. The days you tell yourself you're failing everyone-including yourself.

Each of us has days where we struggle to communicate effectively at home and at work. But we can have fewer days like that and more productive conversations. We can listen and be heard. In Communicate Better with Everyone, experts provide answers to the challenges you face as a working parent, from negotiating your schedule and workload with your boss to connecting with your teen without nagging or lecturing to talking to yourself with more compassion. You'll learn to: conduct more productive conversations; set boundaries and stick to them; ask better questions; see issues from the other person's perspective; and navigate difficult issues.

Fundamentals of Marketing, 2nd Edition

How did the start-up dating app CLikD quickly rise to become an award-winning competitor to Tinder and Bumble? How should organizations incorporate social media into their communication campaigns? What can you learn from these practices, and how could it help you in your future career?

Combining the most essential theories and offering a global range of cases and practitioner insights, Fundamentals of Marketing is the most relevant, concise guide to marketing. Based on the best-selling Marketing by Baines, Fill, Rosengren and Antonetti, this book will take you on a journey from the traditional marketing mix to the cutting-edge trends of the discipline such as sustainability, ethics, and digitalization. Along the way, cases and market insights featuring international companies and organizations such as Tesla, Brompton Bicycles, and Cambridge Analytica will take you beyond the theory to understand marketing at work in the business world, making sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to promote a company's success in the future.

From Ammon Zeus to Aircall, the Guardian to Spotify, Fundamentals of Marketing highlights up-and-coming start-up businesses as well as household names, discussing the real-life marketing dilemmas they have faced and discovering how they navigated their way to a positive outcome.

Start-Up Secure: Baking Cybersecurity into Your Company from Founding to Exit

Add cybersecurity to your value proposition and protect your company from cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is now a requirement for every company in the world regardless of size or industry. Start-Up Secure covers everything a founder, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist should know when building a secure company in today's world. It takes you step-by-step through the cybersecurity moves you need to make at every stage, from landing your first round of funding through to a successful exit. The book describes how to include security and privacy from the start and build a cyber resilient company. You'll learn the basic cybersecurity concepts every founder needs to know, and you'll see how baking in security drives the value proposition for your startup's target market. This book will also show you how to scale cybersecurity within your organization, even if you aren't an expert!

Cybersecurity as a whole can be overwhelming for startup founders. Start-Up Secure breaks down the essentials so you can determine what is right for your start-up and your customers. You'll learn techniques, tools, and strategies that will ensure data security for yourself, your customers, your funders, and your employees. Pick and choose the suggestions that make the most sense for your situation - based on the solid information in this book.

Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Solution Tools for Leaders and Teams, 2nd Edition

Learn to plan and execute projects in any organization with this practical and insightful resource

The comprehensively updated and revised edition of Strategic Project Management Made Simple cements this series' status as the leading resource for anyone looking for step-by-step guidance on project design and action initiatives. 

Written by celebrated management consultant Terry Schmidt, this book fully covers the necessity of systems thinking and the logical framework approach to solve today's challenging problems. Strategic Project Management Made Simple also includes: an expanded section on turning ideas, problems, and opportunities into projects; a newly created chapter on managing your "inner game" to achieve project excellence; fresh case studies that cover how to pivot your business to meet changing needs; and a new approach, Iterating to Excellence, to create your Minimum Viable Project and produce solutions smoother and faster.

Strategic Project Management Made Simple, Revised and Updated is an indispensable volume for leaders and workers seeking to transform their approach to planning, driving, and executing projects in their organizations.

The Imagination Machine: How to Spark New Ideas and Create Your Company's Future

We need imagination now more than ever - to find opportunities in adversity, rethink our businesses, and discover new paths to growth. Yet too many companies have lost their ability to imagine. What is this mysterious capacity? How does imagination work? And how can organizations keep it alive and harness it systematically?

The Imagination Machine answers these questions and more. Drawing on the experience and insights of CEOs across several industries, as well as lessons from neuroscience, computer science, psychology, and philosophy, BCG's Martin Reeves and Jack Fuller provide a fascinating look into the mechanics of imagination and lay out a six-step process for creating ideas and bringing them to life.

Imagination is one of the least understood but most crucial ingredients of business success. It's what makes the difference between an incremental change and the kinds of pivots and paradigm shifts that are essential to success - especially during a crisis.

The Imagination Machine is the guide you need to demystify and operationalize this powerful human capacity, to inject new life into your company, and to head into unknown territory with the right tools by your side.