Transform Customer Experience: How to Achieve Customer Success and Create Exceptional CX

Your customers are your future.  

Smartphones, social media, and the internet have given customers access to more information than ever before. If your business fails them, they will switch to your competitor and never return. So how do you keep them? By mapping their journeys, identifying potential hazards, and reshaping your business with customer experience (CX) at its heart.   

From services to products, online to in-person, small-scale to multinational, your customers' loyalty depends on how you interact with them. Transform Customer Experience is your ultimate guide to putting your customer first. Author and CX expert Isabella Villani shows how you can implement a customer strategy from planning to execution.   

Transform Customer Experience offers real-life insights into effective strategies for developing and implementing customer experience (CX) programs in a range of corporate, governmental, and nonprofit environments.

Wealth of Wisdom: The Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask

A critical resource for families managing significant wealth.  

Wealth of Wisdom offers essential guidance and tools to help high-net-worth families successfully manage significant wealth. By compiling the 50 most common questions surrounding protection and growth, this audiobook provides a compendium of knowledge from experts around the globe and across disciplines. Deep insight and thoughtful answers put an end to uncertainty and help lay to rest the issues you have been wrestling with for years; by divulging central lessons and explaining practical actions you can take today, this audiobook gives you the critical information you need to make more informed decisions about your financial legacy. Vital tools help you get organized, develop a strategy, and take real control of your family's wealth, while case studies show how other families have handled the very dilemmas you may be facing today.  

Managing significant wealth is a complex affair, and navigating the financial world at that level involves making decisions that can have major ramifications - these are not decisions to make lightly. This audiobook equips you to take positive action, be proactive, and make the tough decisions to protect and grow your family's wealth.

Fifteen Paths: How to Tune Out Noise, Turn On Imagination and Find Wisdom

Prescriptions for imaginative living in today's noisy and ever-narrowing world.  

Our social conversation has gone awry. We are surrounded by noise and are retreating to social media bubbles. As conversations across ideological divides become increasingly difficult, we as a society need to rethink what it means to listen, to think, to create, and to be democratically engaged citizens. Fifteen Paths documents the journey of a disillusioned business professor who came to realize that in order to transcend the noise, we need more imaginative expressions and fewer argumentative ones.  

David Weitzner sought the counsel of 14 iconoclastic artists, including Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Lydia Lunch, and Del the Funky Homosapien. The audiobook offers 15 concrete courses of action to reimagine a socially engaged life and an afterword documenting the surprising outcome of the author's personal journey.

Leading on the Frontline: Remarkable Stories and Essential Leadership Lessons from the World's Danger Zones

Transform your leadership with powerful lessons from the front line.  

Leading on the Frontline brings humanitarian leadership into the boardroom, giving business leaders a powerful lesson in engagement, motivation, inspiration, and innovation. Drawing upon a lifetime of humanitarian work in some of the world's most difficult places, author Linda Cruse shares stories from the front line that illustrate how to dig deep, inspire, thrive, and more. 

Business leaders work on a different type of front line - one that is no less volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous - and the ability to deal effectively with the unexpected sets great leaders apart from the herd. Tap into your own intuition, compassion and courage; keep composure under pressure; align vision with strategic goals; exercise mental toughness - these skills are required in the aftermath of a tsunami in Thailand or a landslide in Nepal, and in business, they propel good people to great feats of leadership.  

This audiobook presents extraordinary stories of extraordinary people who confront the best and worst of humanity every day. These people accomplish big things with few resources, prioritize progress over personal comfort, and prevail over seemingly impossible odds. Their lessons contain multitudes for those who aspire to be great leaders - and the very best version of themselves.

Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World

Forget what you know about the world of work

You crave feedback. Your organization's culture is the key to its success. Strategic planning is essential. Your competencies should be measured and your weaknesses shored up. Leadership is a thing.

These may sound like basic truths of our work lives today. But actually, they're lies. As strengths guru and bestselling author Marcus Buckingham and Cisco Leadership and Team Intelligence head Ashley Goodall show in this provocative, inspiring book, there are some big lies--distortions, faulty assumptions, wrong thinking--that we encounter every time we show up for work. Nine lies, to be exact. They cause dysfunction and frustration, ultimately resulting in workplaces that are a pale shadow of what they could be.

But there are those who can get past the lies and discover what's real. These freethinking leaders recognize the power and beauty of our individual uniqueness. They know that emergent patterns are more valuable than received wisdom and that evidence is more powerful than dogma.

With engaging stories and incisive analysis, the authors reveal the essential truths that such freethinking leaders will recognize immediately: that it is the strength and cohesiveness of your team, not your company's culture, that matter most; that we should focus less on top-down planning and more on giving our people reliable, real-time intelligence; that rather than trying to align people's goals we should strive to align people's sense of purpose and meaning; that people don't want constant feedback, they want helpful attention.

This is the real world of work, as it is and as it should be. Nine Lies About Work reveals the few core truths that will help you show just how good you are to those who truly rely on you.

School Choice

The issues and arguments surrounding school choice are sometimes hijacked to make political points about government control, democratic ideals, the public good, and privatization. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, David Garcia avoids partisan arguments to offer an accessible, objective, and comprehensive guide to school choice. He first outlines the different types of school choice, including home schooling, private schools, freedom-of-choice plans, magnet schools, charter schools, vouchers, and education savings accounts. Two themes emerge as particularly resonant in the American school choice debate: the long history of school desegregation, and debates over the roles and responsibilities of government. Is education a public good, for the collective benefit of society, or a private good, to benefit the individual? 

Garcia describes and evaluates the major arguments supporting school choice policies: the elimination of government bureaucracies, the introduction of competition into education through market forces, the promotion of parental choice, and the casting of school choice as a civil right. He examines the research on the effects of school choice and summarizes general trends. Finally, he considers how school choice policies are likely to evolve.

Spaceflight: A Concise History

Spaceflight is one of the greatest human achievements of the 20th century. The Soviets launched Sputnik, the first satellite, in 1957; less than 12 years later, the American Apollo astronauts landed on the moon.  

Michael Neufeld explains that "the space program" should not be equated only with human spaceflight. Since the 1960s, unmanned military and commercial spacecraft have been orbiting near the Earth, and robotic deep-space explorers have sent back stunning images of faraway planets. Neufeld begins with the origins of space ideas and the discovery that rocketry could be used for spaceflight. He then discusses the Soviet-US Cold War space race and reminds us that NASA resisted adding female astronauts even after the Soviets sent the first female cosmonaut into orbit. He analyzes the two rationales for the Apollo program: prestige and scientific discovery (this last something of an afterthought). He describes the internationalization and privatization of human spaceflight after the Cold War, the cultural influence of space science fiction, including Star Trek and Star Wars, space tourism for the ultrarich, and the popular desire to go into space. 

Whether we become a multiplanet species, as some predict, or continue to call Earth home, this audiobook offers a useful primer.

The Lean Leader: A Personal Journey of Transformation

The Lean Leader: A Personal Journey of Transformationuses a compelling novel format to tackle the nuts and bolts of leading a Lean transformation. Listeners follow along as the characters face real crises and what seem to be unreasonable deadlines. As the story progresses, listeners will see how the main character, Don, and his colleagues transform from being "command and control" autocrats - those who make decisions and bark orders - to more Socratic coaches and mentors.  

As Don and his staff come to realize that the folks they employ are the real experts in the processes they control, you will learn why it behooves you to do more asking than telling. You will come to realize that a leader's greatest skill must be in coaching great performance from their people. You will also witness the difference between managing and leading.  

After finishing this audiobook, you will understand why it's so important to shed the decision-making tasks that have cluttered your days and how to delegate those decisions to employees who are closer to the action. You will learn how important it is to look over the horizon to identify upcoming challenges, define and communicate new courses of action, and compel others to follow. Most importantly, you will learn exactly what it takes to lead a Lean organization that thrives socially as well as financially.

The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Service: The Story of the $6,000 Egg

Through the story of a $6,000 egg, Deb and Todd Duncan reveal that even the smallest interactions have the power to create lifelong patrons or alienate once-devoted customers. The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Service represents the costly mistake of removing customer satisfaction from the bottom line. The teachable moments divulged throughout the audiobook transcend industry or career level and encourage everyone to contribute. You must go above and beyond in order to get ahead.

The Wealth Creator's Playbook: A Guide to Maximizing Your Return on Life and Money

An advisor to many of today's most successful wealth creators explains how to align your values with your wealth, including the ways in which it is earned, managed, and spent, to maximize both wealth and personal fulfillment.  

Money is something most people fantasize about: If only financial independence became a reality, then life would be easier and more fulfilling. While everyone has heard that "money won't buy happiness", however, the explosion of wealth creation around the globe would suggest that wealth remains a sought-after commodity.   

The Wealth Creator's Playbook is the go-to guide for individuals who are chasing financial success and all the richness of a deeply fulfilling life. Wealth is undoubtedly a gift that involves practical, psychological, and spiritual stewardship. It also comes with unexpected challenges: isolation, relationship challenges, and a lack of purpose are often by-products of achieving financial success. Wealth creators desperately need advice they can trust to manage the unanticipated consequences of money. This audiobook bridges these two worlds - money and life - drawing on wisdom from John Christianson's 25 years of experience advising some of the most successful wealth creators in the country. The Wealth Creator's Playbook is a guide for a richer life in all senses of the word.  



  • Answers the call from the new crop of millionaires who are concerned not only with financial wealth, but also with having a personally meaningful life  
  • Speaks directly to the needs of a new breed of wealth creators in one integrated volume  
  • Addresses the unique challenges that come with rapidly building assets from the dual perspectives of practical financial management and personal fulfillment  
  • Provides the services of a life coach to wealthy listeners, allowing them to reap some of the same benefits as the author's many successful and happy clients

Family Inc.: Using Business Principles to Maximize Your Family's Wealth

Actionable, practical CFO training for the Family Chief Financial Officer 

Family Inc. is not just a personal finance book; it is a "how to" guide for achieving financial security. By borrowing time tested principles used in business and applying them to family financial planning, Family Inc. provides a powerful framework for navigating all of life's big financial decisions. You will learn how to think strategically as the Family Chief Financial Officer; how to make investments in education and yourself to benefit your career; how to manage your hard-earned money to make it work for you; how to use financial products like insurance, investments, and debt; how to think like an entrepreneur; how to achieve peace of mind in retirement; and how to teach your family these important life skills. 

Every family needs a CFO to navigate the "financial game of life", and the principles of corporate finance apply from the boardroom to the living room. Family Inc. delivers practical, actionable advice in the form of CFO training to help you plot a real-world family financial plan. 


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The Power of Understanding Yourself: The Key to Self-Discovery, Personal Development, and Being the Best You

Designed as both a companion piece to the author's previous book, The Power of Understanding People, and a stand-alone work, The Power of Understanding Yourselfprovides listeners with a blueprint for examining their true purpose and approach to life and a map for achieving greater personal happiness, professional success, and self-awareness.  

It explores personal attributes related to interactive style, diving deeper into the concepts from the author's previous book, provides exercises for exploring how to connect your current life status to a desired future state, and encourages listeners to engage in a deep exploration of their core values, beliefs, mission, and vision to become their best self.  


  • Find the key to self-discovery and personal development  
  • Uncover your true purpose  
  • Use helpful exercises to reveal the best you  
  • Develop strategies to maximize your potential  

The Power of Understanding Yourself is an empowering tool to help you find your best possible self and flourish. 


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3D Printing

The use of 3-D printing - digitally controlled additive manufacturing - is growing rapidly. Consumer models of 3-D printers allow people to fabricate small plastic objects, from cabinet knobs to wedding cake toppers. Industrial uses are becoming widespread, as businesses use the technology to fabricate prototypes, spare parts, custom-fitted prosthetics, and other plastic or metal items, often at lower cost and with greater efficiency than standard manufacturing. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, John Jordan offers an accessible introduction to 3-D printing.  

Jordan outlines the stages of 3-D printing, from idea to software model to a printable file that slices the planned object into printable layers to the finished object itself. He describes additive technologies, consumer 3-D printing in homes and schools, mass customization, and industrial uses. He considers the possible unintended consequences of 3-D printing on jobs, as companies scramble to find employees with an uncommon skill set; on business models and supply chains, as manufacturing is decentralized; and on patent law, as machines can be programmed to copy protected property. Finally, Jordan looks at new and emerging uses, including bioprinting, building construction, and micromachines.

Carbon Capture

The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2), and these CO2 emissions are a major driver of climate change. Carbon capture offers a path to climate change mitigation that has received relatively little attention. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Howard Herzog offers a concise guide to carbon capture, covering basic information as well as the larger context of climate technology and policy. 

Carbon capture, or carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), refers to a suite of technologies that reduce CO2 emissions by "capturing" CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere and then transporting it to where it will be stored or used. It is the only climate change mitigation technique that deals directly with fossil fuels rather than providing alternatives to them.  

Herzog, a pioneer in carbon-capture research, begins by discussing the fundamentals of climate change and how carbon capture can be one of the solutions. He explains capture and storage technologies, including chemical scrubbing and the injection of CO2 deep underground. He reports on current efforts to deploy CCS at factories and power plants and attempts to capture CO2 from the air itself. Finally, he explores the policies and politics in play around CCS and argues for elevating carbon capture in the policy agenda.


An accessible, nontechnical overview of active touch sensing, from sensory receptors in the skin to tactile surfaces on flat-screen displays.  

Haptics, or haptic sensing, refers to the ability to identify and perceive objects through touch. This is active touch, involving exploration of an object with the hand rather than the passive sensing of a vibration or force on the skin. The development of new technologies, including prosthetic hands and tactile surfaces for flat screen displays, depends on our knowledge of haptics. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Lynette Jones offers an accessible overview of haptics, or active touch sensing, and its applications.  

Jones explains that haptics involves integrating information from touch and kinesthesia - that is, information both from sensors in the skin and from sensors in muscles, tendons, and joints. The challenge for technology is to reproduce in a virtual world some of the sensations associated with physical interactions with the environment.

Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies

Are you a business owner or executive thinking about selling a division, a subsidiary, or the entire company? Or are you thinking about how you may be able to grow your business by merging with or acquiring other companies? Or are you a student thinking about making a career in an industry related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A)?  

In other words, if you are looking for a plain-language, no-nonsense guide about how mergers and acquisitions can affect your company and career, you've found your audiobook!  

Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies is your insider's handbook about the practice of buying and selling companies. It explains the entire M&A process step-by-step, introduces you to industry-specific terms and acronyms, details the documents used when buying or selling a company, discusses valuation techniques, reveals insights about how to finance deals, provides real-world examples of how to structure transactions and bridge valuation gaps between buyer and seller, and gives you the basic tools you will need to successfully close M&A transactions. Plus, you'll get expert advice on identifying and contacting potential M&A targets, performing due diligence, drafting the purchase agreement, and integrating new employees after the deal closes.

Personal Finance in Your 50s All-in-One For Dummies

Manage your finances and enjoy your retirement

Retirement security is one of the most pressing social issues facing the world in the next 30 years—so if you’re approaching your golden years, it’s essential to have a secure financial future. Personal Finance in Your 50s All-in-One For Dummies provides targeted financial advice and assists soon-to-be or established boomers with making informed decisions about how best to spend, invest, and protect their wealth while planning for the future.

Retirement is an exciting time … but it can also be scary if you’re not sure that you have your ducks in a row. This hands-on resource arms you with an arsenal of beginner to intermediate personal finance and estate planning techniques for everything from spending, saving, navigating insurance, managing medical costs, household expenses, and even employment.

  • Build a diversified portfolio
  • Create emergency funds
  • Avoid scams and frauds
  • Improve your estate planning

With the help of this all-in-one resource, you’ll get a succinct framework and expert advice to help you make solid decisions and confidently plan for your future.

Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams That Get Tangible Results

Create simple, engaging, and effective outputs that actually get results.  

Billions of corporate dollars are spent every year on initiatives to help people succeed in their job, but much of it goes to waste. Across industries, people are scrambling to find what they need to grow and improve at work, and executives are left wondering why these initiatives aren't effective. Author Juliana Stancampiano has plumbed the depths of this massive disconnect with her team. With this audiobook, she bridges the gap.  

Radical Outcomes is a blueprint for a new way of working. Instead of taking old methods and retrofitting them for new technology, Stancampiano unveils a collaborative, fast, and effective way of working that avoids randomness and organizational drag. The audiobook offers a new way of working - the future of the way people and teams will work together.   

  • Find out how to get tangible results through a structured process  
  • Cut through noise and information overload to give people what they really need  
  • Design the right output for the right outcome  
  • Improve and succeed no matter where you are in the organization  

Find out how to create radical outcomes through high-performing teams - and get started today.

Smart Teams: How to Work Better Together

Communicate, congregate, and collaborate more effectively than ever.  

Smart Teams will help your team to go beyond personal productivity to enhance team productivity. Building on the concepts presented in Smart Work, which focuses on personal productivity, this audiobook shows you how to turn unproductive team behaviors that create friction into "superproductive" behaviors that promote flow. Productivity is, at its core, a leadership issue - and this audiobook provides practical guidelines that help you build a culture where productivity thrives.  

Working together can be a drag - literally. Email noise, unproductive meetings, and poorly organized projects can stifle creativity and disrupt everyone's workflow. But by creating team agreements that raise awareness of the negative impact of our behaviors, you build the desire and capability to change. This audiobook is packed with tips, guidelines, and expert insights for leaders and managers at any level.  

People want their work to matter, they want to make an impact, and they want to do it all with a healthy work-life balance - productivity is the key to making it all happen. Smart Teams shows you how to implement the culture shift that will allow your team to flourish.

Key Performance Indicators (3rd Edition): Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs

Streamline KPIs to craft a simpler, more effective system of performance measurement.  

Key Performance Indicators provides an in-depth look at how KPIs can be most effectively used to assess and drive organizational performance. Now in its third edition, this best-selling guide provides a model for simplifying KPIs and avoiding the pitfalls ready to trap the unprepared organization. New information includes guidance toward defining critical success factors, project leader essentials, new tools including worksheets and questionnaires, and real-world case studies that illustrate the practical application of the strategies presented. The audiobook includes a variety of templates, checklists, and performance measures to help streamline processes.  

Key performance indicators are a set of measures that focus on the factors most critical to an organization's success. Most companies have too many, rendering the strategy ineffective due to overwhelming complexity. Key Performance Indicators guides listeners toward simplification, paring down to the most fundamental issues to better define and measure progress toward goals. 

Listeners will learn to:  


  • Separate out performance measures between those that can be tied to a team and result in a follow-up phone call (performance measures) and those that are a summation of a number of teams working together (result indicators)  
  • Look for and eradicate those measures that have a damaging unintended consequence, a major dark side  
  • Sell a KPI project to the board, the CEO, and the senior management team using best-practice leading change techniques  
  • Develop and use KPIs effectively with a simple five-stage model  
  • Ascertain essential performance measures and develop a reporting strategy  
  • Learn the things that a KPI project leader needs to know  

A KPI project is a chance at a legacy - the project leader, facilitator, or coordinator savvy enough to craft a winning strategy can affect the organization for years to come. KPI projects entail some risk, but this audiobook works to minimize that risk by arming stakeholders with the tools and information they need up front. Key Performance Indicatorshelps leaders shape a performance measurement initiative that works.

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The Handbook of Conflict Resolution (3rd Edition): Theory and Practice

Peter T. Coleman, Morton Deutsch, and Eric C. Marcus present their classic guide to resolving conflict. 

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A concise history of GPS, from its military origins to its commercial applications and ubiquity in everyday life.  

GPS is ubiquitous in everyday life. GPS mapping is standard equipment in many new cars, and geolocation services are embedded in smart phones. GPS makes Uber and Lyft possible; driverless cars won't be able to drive without it. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Paul Ceruzzi offers a concise history of GPS, explaining how a once-obscure space technology became an invisible piece of our infrastructure, as essential to modern life as electric power or clean water.  

GPS relays precise time and positioning information from orbiting satellites to receivers on the ground, at sea, and in the air. It operates worldwide, and its basic signals are free, although private companies can commodify the data provided. Ceruzzi recounts the origins of GPS and its predecessor technologies, including early aircraft navigation systems and satellites. He describes the invention of GPS as a space technology in the post-Apollo, pre-Space Shuttle years and its first military and commercial uses. Ceruzzi explains how the convergence of three major technological developments - the microprocessor, the internet, and cellular telephony - enabled the development and application of GPS technology.

Leadership Language: Using Authentic Communication to Drive Results

Inside each of us is a vision of how things could be. Yet most people remain frustrated by a lack of impact, unable to connect and inspire the people they care about the most. Why?

There's a language we understand, but rarely use. A language that's sincere. Powerful. Compelling. A language of words - and actions - that can't be denied. Leadership Language will help you to peel back the ineffective "business speak", so you can change the conversation. And change your results. Imagine what could happen when you replace frustration with an irresistible vision - for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Today's leaders face so many challenges - employee retention, operational efficiency, culture, collaboration, leading across generations, and more - but communication is at the heart of every one of those issues. A clear message with a powerful delivery gets you halfway home. Honing in on your next conversation can drive more impact, better relationships, and greater overall effectiveness. For yourself. Your career. Your company.

They say there's nothing that can stop an idea whose time has come. So, take the lead. It's time for you to create what's missing. And Leadership Language will tell you how.

Navigating Your Later Years for Dummies

We're living exciting bonus years - decades that our parents and grandparents didn't have. But how to navigate this complex terrain? 

Questions abound around long-term-care planning: Where to live? How to get the best medical care? What to do about advance directives, wills and trusts, and estate planning? And how to pay for it all after you retire? 

Getting accurate information and answers wasn't easy. Until now.  

AARP's Navigating Your Later Years for Dummies helps you and your family understand the growing range of opportunities. Even more importantly, it helps you chart the next steps to live the life you choose, as independently as you choose, no matter your specific circumstances and needs. 

This audiobook:  


  • Covers home modifications so you can stay at home safely for as long as you like  
  • Lays out the opportunities and costs associated with independent living, assisted living, and other options  
  • Gives you a range of driving and transportation alternatives  
  • Helps you navigate the healthcare system, Medicare, and Medicaid  
  • And much more

Small Business for Dummies: 5th Edition

Make big sense of small business.   

Small Business for Dummies has been a leading resource for starting and running a small business. Calling upon their more than six decades of combined experience running small businesses, Eric Tyson and Jim Schell once again provide time-tested advice and the latest information on starting and growing a small business.    

This new edition covers all aspects of small business from the initial business plan to the everyday realities of financing, marketing, employing technology, and management - and what it takes to achieve and maintain success in an ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape.   


  • Write a strategic business plan   
  • Start, establish, or rejuvenate a small business   
  • Hire and retain the best employees   
  • Get a small-business loan   

If you're a beginning entrepreneur looking to start and run your own small business, this audiobook gives you all the tools of the trade you'll need to make it a success.