Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain

Explores how the financial industry will be affected by developments in blockchain and cryptocurrencies at the dawn of a new digital age in finance  

Our financial system is in the midst of a digital revolution. Blockchain, viewed by many experts as “the most important invention since the Internet,” has changed the way we exchange value and information. Although most people are aware of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, few understand how security tokens—digitized forms of traditional ownership certificates—can drive blockchain to reach its fullest potential by offering investors features and innovations that are simply not possible with paper certificates. 

Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain explains how the integration of blockchain and security token technology will transform the current financial infrastructure and radically improve efficiency, transparency, and security. Using clear language and an easy-to-follow framework, author Baxter Hines draws upon his decades’ experience in the financial industry to address how the digitization of assets will drive cost reductions, enhance flexibility, and pave the way for new business models and revenue streams for years to come. Filled with real-world case studies and expert insights on the latest opportunities and trends, such as the COVID-19 pandemic’s role in accelerating the adoption of blockchain, this must-have resource: 

  • Shows how blockchain and distributed ledger technology are disrupting the financial industry 
  • Explains what security tokens are and why they are the next major breakthrough for investing  
  • Highlights how blockchain technology has created new and more efficient ways of fund raising and investing 
  • Identifies the ways companies like IBM, Fidelity Investments, and AXA are deploying blockchain and tokenized solutions 
  • Describes how assets only available to institutional investors could become marketed to the mainstream 
  • Discusses the impact that security tokens will have on real assets such as stocks, real estate, bonds, and derivatives 
  • Provides insight into how central banks around the world are embracing blockchain and beginning to issue digital currencies 

Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain is essential reading for financial professionals, general investors, finance and technology students, regulators, legal professionals, and users of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing in a Downturn (Expanded Edition): HBR's 10 Must Reads Series

How do the most resilient companies survive - and even thrive - during a slowdown?

We've combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help your company persevere through economic challenges and continue to grow while your competitors stumble. This book will inspire you to: harness your resources to pull through a pandemic; learn the right lessons from previous recessions; minimize pain while cutting costs and managing risk; foster a healthy culture during anxious times; make smart moves to protect your own job; and seize the opportunity to innovate and reinvent your business.

This collection of articles includes "Seize Advantage in a Downturn" by David Rhodes and Daniel Stelter; "How to Survive a Recession and Thrive Afterward: A Research Roundup" by Walter Frick; "How to Bounce Back from Adversity" by Joshua D. Margolis and Paul G. Stoltz; "Rohm and Haas' Former CEO on Pulling Off a Sweet Deal in a Down Market" by Raj Gupta; "How to Be a Good Boss in a Bad Economy" by Robert I. Sutton; "Layoffs That Don't Break Your Company" by Sandra J. Sucher and Shalene Gupta; "Getting Reorgs Right" by Stephen Heidari-Robinson and Suzanne Heywood; "Reigniting Growth" by Chris Zook and James Allen; "Reinvent Your Business Model Before It's Too Late" by Paul Nunes and Tim Breene; and more.

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The Entrepreneur’s Paradox: And How to Overcome the 16 Pitfalls Along the Startup Journey

The exact qualities that bring an individual to found a start-up company (their brilliance and expertise) are what prevent them from achieving the success they are looking for - this is the paradox that is entrepreneurship. What starts out as freedom and financial independence turns into grueling hours and added stress and bills. But successful five-time entrepreneur Curtis Morley is here to help. He shares that every entrepreneur is typically doing the same 15 things wrong or just not doing them at all - regardless of industry or business type. This guidebook identifies each of these mistakes and reveals to listeners how to break free of the pattern. 

Find explosive growth. By laying out what every entrepreneur does wrong or doesn't do at all, Morley lays the groundwork for entrepreneurship development and teaches listeners how to overcome the entrepreneur's paradox. This book will help entrepreneurs apply foundational business principles to their start-up that will shift the way they operate and allow them to make the changes they need to go from fledgling start-up to bona-fide business. 

Dive into this dynamic book and learn more about how to be an entrepreneur, the mistakes that you are most likely already making, and the key to success in the startup world.

CEO School: Insights from 20 Global Business Leaders

This book focuses on what makes a successful CEO and the paths to becoming one in today's global economy. Chapters in the book include insights by 20 top CEOs - one from each G20 country - gathered from an extensive global qualitative research project.

Through seven easy-to-digest "master classes" that demystify the role of the 21st-century CEO, the authors present their findings in an accessible, conversational style that serves as a step-by-step guide for those who aspire to become CEOs and develop essential character traits, experience, and skills required of the role.

Exposed: How Revealing Your Data and Eliminating Privacy Increases Trust and Liberates Humanity

Discover why privacy is a counterproductive, if not obsolete, concept in this startling new book

It's only a matter of time - the modern notion of privacy is quickly evaporating because of technological advancement and social engagement. Whether we like it or not, all our actions and communications are going to be revealed for everyone to see. Exposed: How Revealing Your Data and Eliminating Privacy Increases Trust and Liberates Humanity takes a controversial and insightful look at the concept of privacy and persuasively argues that preparing for a post-private future is better than exacerbating the painful transition by attempting to delay the inevitable. 

Security expert and author Ben Malisow systematically dismantles common notions of privacy and explains how most arguments in favor of increased privacy are wrong; privacy in our personal lives leaves us more susceptible to being bullied or blackmailed; governmental and military privacy leads to an imbalance of power between citizen and state; and military supremacy based on privacy is an obsolete concept.

Perfect for anyone interested in the currently raging debates about governmental, institutional, corporate, and personal privacy, and the proper balance between the public and the private, Exposed also belongs on the shelves of security practitioners and policymakers everywhere.

Greater Fortune: Essential Lessons from the Entrepreneur Who Bought the Company That Fired Her

When she refused to take a pay cut, Marie Cosgrove was cut loose. So she started her own business...and a few years later, she bought the company that had fired her.

She didn't give up - she became greater. And you can, too.

Whether it's everyday problems or seemingly insurmountable challenges, we all face hardships in our personal and professional lives. In Greater Fortune, business mastermind and motivational speaker Marie Cosgrove guides you in discovering how to use these hardships to propel you forward.

Born into poverty, Cosgrove persevered through a tumultuous upbringing and an abusive marriage; throughout it all, she raised four children on her own while struggling to make her way in the business world. Not only did she survive, she turned the lessons of adversity into advantage, becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and innovator in the competitive field of medical devices. Now, she shares what she has learned - from both her successes and failures - with you.

Greater Fortune is both an inspirational story and a road map to a better life of your own, filled with practical strategies that will help you make the most of the greatness that is within you already.

The Vision Code: How to Create and Execute a Compelling Vision for Your Business

The Vision Code explores the concept of "vision" and leadership. The book reveals the secrets of building and executing a strong vision within any organization.

Oleg Konovalov - an acclaimed global thought leader - draws together in one volume in-depth interviews with 19 extraordinary global visionaries that represent a variety of industries and organizations. These leaders explain why a vision is needed, how to implement it, how to communicate a vision effectively, and how to live by it with integrity.

As Konovalov explains, vision is a key leadership skill that can be developed as a practical business tool for leading a company today and into the future. The stories of the 19 leaders reveal how to develop a compelling vision and follow through with the vision in order to inspire an entire workforce. When a leader taps into the power of "vision", he or she creates a more meaningful business experience and ultimately, a better life. This compelling book: offers a guide for making the concept of vision a reality; provides the information needed to develop a clear and persuasive vision; contains an accessible guide to a much-needed skill; and includes interviews with Marshall Goldsmith (number-one leadership thinker), Martin Lindstrom (number-one branding expert), Garry Ridge (chairman and CEO of WD-40 Company), and many others.

Living Your Dreams: Your Personal Success Program

You have extraordinary possibilities hidden inside you! Let each of them excite you at the fiber of your being. Those possibilities, ideas, hunches, inklings, and inner nudges are called dreams....

All types of dreams: to create wealth, health, happiness, and outstanding relationships; for yourself, your family, and others; falling in love, marrying, and living happily ever after; creating your own company; pursuing a superior education; being a visionary leader; gaining respect, fame, and fortune; and more! 

In this powerful, life-changing book from Mark Victor Hansen, discover the proven concepts, powerful skills, easy-to-use techniques, and step-by-step action items needed to define your dreams and live them - whatever they are!

With a guidebook and a personal goal planner, listeners will learn: believe it to achieve it; positive self-talk; how to turn problems into opportunities; the fundamental secrets of prosperity; how to gain financial freedom; to create a dream team; achieve total well-being; develop a winning spirit; and 10 instant steps to success.

Power Teams Beyond Borders: How to Work Remotely and Build Powerful Virtual Teams

Empower your virtual and remote teams with this comprehensive and timely new resource

Power Teams Beyond Borders: How to Work Remotely and Build Powerful Virtual Teams shows listeners how to unlock the potential of their remote and online teams. Full of actionable advice and concrete strategies, celebrated consultant and author Peter Ivanov offers virtual leaders practical guidance on how to create and sustain online engagement across multiple time zones and cultures. 

The book includes step-by-step advice on areas like: how to build trust and clarity without meeting in person; how to establish structure in communications and avoid confusion; how to make the most of your team members' unique talents in a global setting; and how to use the technique of “over-communication” to ensure your team members remain fully informed.

Perfect for anyone who's expected to lead in an online or virtual environment, Power Teams Beyond Borders also belongs on the devices of everyone who hopes to deliver results in an environment that includes remote teamwork.

Sales Management That Works: How to Sell in a World That Never Stops Changing

In this practical and research-based guide for sales managers, Harvard Business School professor Frank Cespedes offers essential strategies for thriving in an industry that never stops changing.

The rise of e-commerce. Big data. AI. Given these trends (and many others), there's no doubt that sales is changing. But much of the current conventional wisdom is misleading and not supported by empirical data. If you as a manager fail to separate fact from hype, you will make decisions based on faulty assumptions and, in a competitive market, eventually fall behind those with a keener grasp of the current selling environment. 

In this book, Cespedes provides sales managers and executives with the tools they need to separate the signal from the noise. These include how to: hire the right talent-not just stars; pay and properly incentivize your sales force; improve ROI from your training programs; create a comprehensive sales model that aligns with your strategy; set the right prices; and build and manage a multichannel approach. Chock-full of examples, research, guidelines, and diagnostics, Sales Management That Works is the book you need to build a great sales team, create an optimal strategy, and steer clear of hype and fads. 

Sleep and Grow Rich

Want to be rich? "Then get your sleep!" urges best-selling author, success coach, and Fortune 100 consultant, Dr. Gary S. Goodman. 

Goodman shows it's no coincidence that the two richest people on earth endorse the same "bed-rock" success secret, as have most of the geniuses we celebrate, including Einstein and Edison. 

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Microsoft's Bill Gates are both clear-eyed about the need for more shut-eye. And they make sure they are getting enough to sustain and grow their incomes. 

Yet today, in most workplaces, there is a dumb belief system and silent conspiracy to keep you poor, cranky, and sleep deprived. These miseries go together, according to the best-selling author of Sleep & Grow Rich!

In this essential book you'll learn that missing sleep is the culprit behind most occupational burnouts and industrial accidents. More car crashes are attributable to drowsy drivers than drunk drivers. Instead of making you more efficient and productive, robbing yourself of sleep is doing the opposite. 

Being fully rested and refreshed will make you feel rich, now, and will lead to making the best decisions, while providing you the energy and patience to build wealth and well-being.

A Blessing: Women of Color Teaming Up to Lead, Empower and Thrive

A Blessing presents a fresh, bold analysis of African American female leadership. An unapologetic look at our often-overlooked role in America's social, political, psychological and economic history, it is armed with data that should be empowering for today's "unicorns". 

The book offers a "playbook" to help Black unicorns "team up" and find innovative ways to support one another as they climb, what research shows, are lonely, stressful, jagged yet ultimately rewarding ladders of opportunity.

Digital Nomads: In Search of Freedom, Community, and Meaningful Work in the New Economy

A small but growing group of today's knowledge workers actively seek a lifestyle of freedom, using technology to perform their jobs, traveling far and wide, and moving as often as they like. These digital nomads have left their local coffee shops behind and now proudly post their "office of the day" photos from exotic locales, but what do their lives really look like?

In Digital Nomads, Rachael Woldoff and Robert Litchfield take listeners into an expatriate digital nomad community in Bali, Indonesia, to better understand this growing demographic of typically Millennial workers. Woldoff and Litchfield present new answers to classic questions about community, creativity, and work. They further show why digital nomads leave their conventional lives behind, arguing that creative class and Millennial workers, though successful, often feel that their "world class cities" and desirable jobs are anything but paradise. They first follow their transitions into freelancing, entrepreneurship, and remote work, then explain how digital nomads create a a fluid but intimate community abroad in the company of like-minded others. Ultimately, Woldoff and Litchfield provide insight into digital nomads' efforts to live and work in ways that balance freedom, community, and creative fulfillment in the digital age.

HBR Guide to Remote Work: HBR Guide Series

Connect with your team, even when you're far away.

Virtual meetings. Video calls. Emails and chat messages. These technological conveniences can be helpful when you're working remotely. But the actual experience of getting your work done while remaining an effective part of a far-flung team can be frustrating. How can you make remote work work for you? 

The HBR Guide to Remote Work provides practical tips and advice to help you work more productively with your team and colleagues, even though you're not in the same location.

You'll learn to: create a work-from-home routine; run more effective virtual meetings; overcome "Zoom fatigue"; collaborate with others - despite the distance that separates you; manage remote employees; conduct difficult conversations when you can't meet in person; and arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, with the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Career Resilience: HBR's 10 Must Reads Series (Unabridged)

Building a successful career starts with you.

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of your current job and lose sight of the big picture, but with a typical career spanning 50 years or more, you do so at your own peril. It's up to you to chart your own course to professional success. 

We've combed through hundreds of articles in the Harvard Business Review archive and selected the 10 most important ones to help you develop yourself, make the right career moves, navigate inevitable detours and disruptions, and turn your professional dreams into reality.

This book will inspire you to: identify and leverage your strengths; cultivate the curiosity, skills, and knowledge you need to maintain your professional relevance far into the future; navigate messy job transitions gracefully; build and sustain a network that supports and encourages your growth; restore meaning and passion to your work; bounce back from career setbacks big and small; and reinvent yourself, even in tough times.

Money Mammoth: Harness the Power of Financial Psychology to Evolve Your Money Mindset, Avoid Extinction, and Crush Your Financial Goals

Do you struggle with your personal finances? Do you spend (or save) too much? Do you struggle with your money relationships and communicating about money issues with your children, parents, or spouse? Money Mammoth offers you a fresh and effective approach to managing your money. Incorporating lessons from psychology, behavioral economics, and financial planning, the distinguished authors lay out a step-by-step plan to understanding your financial behaviors and changing them for the better. The book is a must-listen for anyone who desires to improve how they save, spend, share, donate, and invest money.

Full of applicable strategies and concrete, real-life advice for everyday spenders and savers, Money Mammoth shows listeners how deep-seated evolutionary and psychological roadblocks can subtly interfere with their best financial intentions. The book goes on to describe how to overcome those roadblocks, using tried-and-true behavioral tricks to change your negative practices into positive ones. 

Written for anyone who hopes to reboot their relationship with money and for those who just need to brush up on the basics of responsible financial behavior, Money Mammoth is also ideal for those with a curiosity about the intersection between psychology, economics, and personal finance.

Shine: Ignite Your Inner Game to Lead Consciously at Work and in the World (Unabridged)

The way we do business is changing. Every day, we see new evidence that we've got to move away from the status quo that is burning out workers, enabling greed, and endangering our planet. Yet how do you develop the skills and practical tools to prioritize people, planet, and prosperity? 

With Shine: Ignite Your Inner Game to Lead Consciously at Work and in the World, Carley Hauck distills the research-based methods and game-changing skills she's brought to corporate settings such as LinkedIn, Pixar, Genentech, Clif Bar, and more. Here you'll learn tools and practices for cultivating the six "inner game skills" for conscious leadership: self-awareness - understand your strengths, blind spots, motivations, and behaviors, and how these impact others; emotional intelligence - learn how to navigate challenging feelings and develop the qualities of empathy and attunement; resilience - how to adapt gracefully to the constant state of change in business and the world; love - lead from the heart, create a caring and collaborative workplace, and build lasting connections based on shared passion and ideals; well-being - self-care techniques to prevent burnout in the workplace and promote sustainability for the planet; and authenticity - embracing the shadow sides of yourself and your workplace through vulnerability, forgiveness, and trust.

The Miracle Month

Power is what naturally results when everything needless and self-defeating is stripped out of your life. Are you prepared to dedicate 30 days to throwing off whatever conceals the greater self you have always suspected you are? If you're unsure, do not even begin this book.

In The Miracle Month, Mitch Horowitz, "a cross between Aleister Crowley and Alan Watts" (Duncan Trussell), provides a 30-day, self-enforced academy that disrupts, upends, and overthrows every social and self-imposed barrier to your innate power.

"This book," Mitch writes, "is for people who would prefer nearly any alternative than to slide back into the anxiety, self-limitations, and half-in, half-out existence that they have known until now. Does that sound extreme? It is not. It is an open door to change."

Mitch helps you "Understand Power" (Day 9), "Give Up One Thing That Causes You Pain" (Day 13), realize "You Are Not Someone Else's Decision" (Day 27), and confront the question: "Do You Enjoy Suffering?" (Day 26).

In 30 realizable, graspable steps, you will reverse years of peer-enforced conformity and self-negation to become who you - rightly - sense you are.

Winning the Talent Shift: Three Steps to Unleashing the New High Performance Workplace

Winning the Talent Shift: Three Steps to Unleashing the New High Performance Workplace envisions a world where companies are fully equipped to exceed the challenges posed by the new global marketplace. Berta Aldrich argues if companies want to achieve future success, they must redesign their talent strategy using three important steps proven to increase revenues, engage teams and leaders, and set companies on the path to industry leadership.

Winning the Talent Shift leverages the latest empirical research, experiences from over 1,000 team members and executives, and leadership classes that have spanned the globe to candidly reveal actionable solutions to what is holding most companies back from high performance.  

This book will show how companies can retain their high performers who produce two to 500 percent more than an average employee but are more likely to leave today's organizations; select and retain the new, high performing leader; and identify and develop women and people of color who can be exceptional leaders. Perfect for boards, C-suite, and aspiring male and female high performers, Winning the Talent Shift bravely shows how to recognize barriers, replace them with high-performance attributes, and redesign the workplace to create the potential for sustainable growth and industry leadership for years to come.

Work Disrupted: Opportunity, Resilience, and Growth in the Accelerated Future of Work

The future of work swept in sooner than expected, accelerated by COVID-19, creating an urgent need for new maps, new mindsets, new strategies - and most importantly, a trusted guide to take us on this journey. That guide is Jeff Schwartz. A founding partner of Deloitte Consulting's Future of Work practice, Schwartz brings clarity, humor, wisdom, and practical advice to the future of work, a topic surrounded by misinformation, fear, and confusion.

If you're anxious about robots taking away your job in the future, you will take comfort in the realistic perspective, fact-based insights, and practical steps Schwartz offers. If you're not sure where to even begin to prepare, follow his level-headed advice and easy-to-follow action plans. If you're a business leader caught between keeping up, while also being thoughtful about the next moves, you will appreciate the playbook directed at you.

Written in a conversational style by Schwartz, with Suzanne Riss, an award-winning journalist and book author, Work Disrupted offers a welcome alternative to books on the topic that lack a broad perspective or dwell on problems rather than offer solutions. Timely and insightful, the book includes the impact of COVID-19 on our present and future work. Interviews with leading thinkers on the future of work offer additional perspectives and guidance.

A Question of Leadership: Leading Organizational Change in Times of Crisis

Whether planned or unexpected, change presents leaders with their toughest sustained challenges - regardless of the leader's seniority or the organization's size. For many leaders, change brings drama - and the replaying of familiar stories.

In A Question of Leadership, Keith Leslie provides a wide range of illustrative case studies derived from both research and his firsthand experience in the public and private sectors as a former partner at both Deloitte and McKinsey. Each chapter first provides an engaging narrative that presents a relatable leadership dilemma, before an analysis of what works and when, followed by a selection of research that supports this thesis, and finally, actionable advice for leaders who find themselves in comparable circumstances.

Alongside their individual takeaways, each of these case studies are united behind an overarching thesis: The failure of many change initiatives is caused by the leader's inability to fully consider the consequences and magnitude of the situation. Whether they consider it "just a game" or they are "gaming the system", they often fail to recognize the full consequences of the change initiative. Across business and society, the prevalence and impacts of such short-sighted mistakes have become more overt than ever following the onset of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy: The Complete Handbook to Building Wealth in the Next Digital Revolution

We've seen evidence that a new economic cycle has begun. Technological revolutions come by way of a cluster of new innovations. About a decade ago, you started to see AI, robotics, and IoT (sensors) delivering on automation. That's been powerful, but not transformational. It does not force businesses to fundamentally change how they do business. The last piece of the puzzle is cryptocurrency because it allows us to process and transfer economic value without human intervention. Soon, there will be a global race to build autonomous operations. Businesses and organizations without autonomous operations simply will not be able to compete with those that do because autonomy is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Crypto is the mechanism that will accrue value from being the infrastructure for the next digital financial revolution. Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy lays out a case that we've begun a new technological revolution similar to the Internet Age of the 1990s. Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotics, and cryptocurrency are converging to deliver on a new age, what author Jake Ryan calls the Age of Autonomy. Understanding the transformation that's taken place before anyone else can yield enormous investment opportunity. In this book, you'll learn how and why to invest in crypto assets.

Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership: How to Make a Difference Regardless of Your Title, Role, or Authority

From the authors of The Leadership ChallengeEveryday People, Extraordinary Leadership is a TLC for individual contributors. Leadership is not about position, power, or place but about behavior. It's about what you do, not who you are. Ever since the first edition of The Leadership Challenge in 1987, Kouzes and Posner have said that "leadership is everyone's business". However, except for The Student Leadership Challenge, they have not (yet) written a book specifically for those who are not in formal leadership roles in organizations. Almost all examples in the six editions of TLC are people in managerial roles in the workplace. This book is for the audience the previous books do not reach: people who are not in formal leadership roles.

There already exists a Leadership Is Everyone's Business (LIEB) workshop with materials offered through Workplace Learning Solutions, which this book will complement. Everyday People, Extraordinary Leadership draws from and builds upon material from existing works and is consistent with the TLC framework but adds all new stories related to this particular audience.

Race, Work, and Leadership: New Perspectives on the Black Experience

Race, Work, and Leadership is a rare and important compilation of essays that examines how race matters in people's experience of work and leadership. What does it mean to be Black in corporate America today? How are racial dynamics in organizations changing? How do we build inclusive organizations?

Inspired by and developed in conjunction with the research and programming for Harvard Business School's commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the HBS African American Student Union, this groundbreaking book shines new light on these and other timely questions and illuminates the present-day dynamics of race in the workplace. Contributions from top scholars, researchers, and practitioners in leadership, organizational behavior, psychology, sociology, and education test the relevance of long-held assumptions and reconsider the research approaches and interventions needed to understand and advance African Americans in work settings and leadership roles.

Race, Work, and Leadership will stimulate new scholarship and dialogue on the organizational and leadership challenges of African Americans and become the indispensable reference for anyone committed to understanding, studying, and acting on the challenges facing leaders who are building inclusive organizations.

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Sustainability Leadership: A Swedish Approach to Transforming Your Company, Your Industry and the World

As CEOs and business leaders navigate a world of complex global challenges, sustainability is no longer optional but a business imperative. In this book, two sustainability leaders with decades of experience - Henrik Henriksson, CEO of Scania, and Elaine Weidman Grunewald, cofounder of the AI Sustainability Center and former chief sustainability and public affairs officer at Ericsson - offer a simple but powerful three-step model for leading an organization on a sustainability transformation journey that aims at big, audacious, world-changing goals.

Honest about the dilemmas but bullish on the opportunities, the authors advise leaders on how to accelerate sustainability in their organizations told through a Swedish lens, where the country's values and culture permeate the boardroom and the C-suite, bringing a unique clarity and conviction to leading with integrity.

In practical insights gleaned from the authors' own experience, the book takes leaders through the three phases of sustainability leadership: from establishing a solid foundation rooted in purpose, culture, values, principles and consistent, credible leadership, to integrating sustainability into the core business, and then to executing a vision that not only shifts the direction of the company but can change an entire industry and even the world.